Tribesigns Computer Desk Review

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The Tribesigns computer desk is a handsome multi-purpose and large of his desk that packs a huge working area with intention to accommodate. Although for necessary assets that can increase your productivity from design perspective. The three-piece is measures 55 inches in length 23.6 in width 29.2 inches in height and weighs 155.12 pounds or 25 kilograms. So we can say that it is indeed a really spacious desk.

The desk construction is composed of 0.98 inch thick laminated MDF that is finish with a light bonded color which by default makes it suitable for any office décor. In addition, the surface is waterproof and resistant to scratches. So in terms of durability in usage you won’t have to look for a new office desk for a really long period of time. Since it is 23.6 wide I want to inform you that you can place your printer, laptop PC and even dual monitors on it without any problem. So, it can be definitely more organized to your working day.

Key Features of Tribesigns Computer Desk:

  • Waterproof surface.
  • Huge working area.
  • Suitable for any office décor.
  • Great build quality.
  • Made of a heavy-duty powder-coated steel.

Another great thing about the desk surface is that it wouldn’t take long when it comes to cleaning. This is a material will allow you to clean it effectively with a couple of swipes. So, your desk will always look clean and shiny. The frame that supports the desk is made of a heavy-duty powder-coated steel that’s a really good test of sturdiness and can support up to 900 pounds of stored equipment.

According to the manufacturer the assembly time wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes which is pretty cool since the assembly process is really easy and intuitive. In order to install it correctly. I suggest to install the four included legs and the two leg parts by using a hex key which will make your work a lot more convenient and easier.

The legs are also adjustable. So, you can adjust the length from one to two centimeters which is a great solution for uneven floors. Overall I recommend you consider this desk as your next purchase because it combines an affordable price with a great build quality.

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