Oster CKSTWF1502 Waffle Makers Review

Oster waffle maker if you want to show your skills in making waffles which will be done instantly and tastes really good then you’re looking for this waffle maker. From a design perspective this model is designed with the innovative and unique the wrought ceramic material which features nonstick coating that last four times longer than the standard nonstick coatings on the market.

Moreover, it is scratch resistant and it is very easy to clean which means that you won’t lose much time cleaning it but you will have more time to make your favorite waffles. This waffle maker has a polished chrome housing looks elegant and it is compact enough to put it anywhere in your kitchen. It performs really well your waffles will be perfect
and they will taste really good.


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Another good thing about this waffle maker is that it is energy efficient and because of the Dora ceramic finish. It will cook up to 20 percent faster you can even adjust the temperature for making light or dark and crispy waffles which will have a Belgian looking style. If you love eating waffles but don’t know how to make them you shouldn’t worry much because there is an included waffle recipe for creating six to eight waffles but you can also customize the recipe to suit your preferred around.

In addition, you can make seven inch round waffles which are easily divided into four parts. The plates are not removable but they are long-lasting enough for preparing waffles that would do and taste amazing fill. Your waffles with your favorite creams gems or fruits and enjoy the pleasure of eating them when they are done this waffle maker will light green and will notify you that you’re ready to take them off.

To conclude, this is a wonderful waffle maker which is manufactured with extremely durable material. It is eco-friendly and comes at an affordable price. Start creating delicious waffles with this device and share the waffles with your loved ones so they could also taste the masterpieces produced by this waffle maker. It definitely has everything a waffle maker needs and it’s one of the best in the market. So I definitely recommend it to everyone.

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