Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes Reviews in 2019


What is an electric heated lunch box?

An electric powered heated lunch box is a kitchenware that lets you convey your favorite meal with you wherever for later intake. With a few food in your electric powered lunch field, every time your belly begins to growl, you could be sure no longer to strain.

All you will need is to connect the lunch container to a dependable energy supply, turn the energy on, and regrettably! Your meals will advantage enough heat in mins through steaming. Also, an electric powered lunch box boasts the potential to prepare numerous meals from scratch via steaming. Some of the meals that you may make include rice and sandwiches.

A preferred strength outlet plug is all you want to get an electric lunch box to function. Again, some can also paintings with automobile energy shops to let you enjoy a warm meal at the same time as you travel.

What are the key benefits of using an electric lunch box?


With the light-weight nature of most electric lunch boxes, in addition to the company sporting handles, you could now carry and use your heated lunch container anywhere and at any time.

Food flavor:

Unlike microwaves that make your food dry and tough, in addition to meals at your nearing restaurant that might not suit your alternatives and flavor, an electric lunch container can solve this problem.

Nutrition and safety:

With a first rate electric powered lunch container, you no longer want to fret about meals hygiene or the existence-threatening microwave radiations. You will now control to prepare your food thru the traditional cooking strategies and heat it via wholesome steaming. Your food’s nutritional price can also be maintained in a better manner, as compared to using a microwave.


Your electric powered lunch container will take away the strain that comes with traveling crowded and hot centers just to have lunch. You can now revel in warm and sparkling food from the comfort of your work area or look at room.

Saves Money and Time :

If you eat lunch from the hotle you should buy food and pay for this. Not only that you must spend time for this purpose. By using this lunch box you can save money and time.

Gives More Food Choices :

How annoying is it to consume the equal bloodless sandwich each day on lunch? When it comes to consuming bloodless food, there are not too many options. You both need to devour sandwiches or salad to your lunchtime. With the heated lunchbox, you’ll be capable of revel in a extensive sort of menu.

Here The List Of Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes

#5 YOHOOLYO Electric Lunch Box Food Heater Portable

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The YOHOOLYO Electric Lunch Box is good for health and environmentally friendly. This electric lunch box has a removable stainless steel container that is helpful for easy cleaning.

Office staff and student can use this lunch box with comfort. It is best during traveling. It has a come with a convenient carrying handle. You can heat your food during travel, in office, and at school. This lunch box is lightweight, so anybody can carry easily.

This lunch box is resistant to high temperature. It comes with a spoon, and power cable. You can always have delicious and warm food with YOHOOLYO Electric Lunch Box. Different types of food can keep separately.

Reasons To Buy This:
    • The capacity is up to 1.5L.
    • Made from food grade material and stainless steel
    • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
    • Good for health
    • It supports 110V home use
    • High-temperature resistance
    • Size: 8.7 x 6.7 x 4.3 inch
    • Heating time – Summer: 30-40 Minutes, Winter: 40-60 Minutes
  • Removable containers for easy cleaning
  • Temperature resistant materials
  • East to operate
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Leak-proof
  • Made from food grade material
  • Usable at school, in office or during travel.
  • You cannot place food with soup in it.

#4Gideon Heated Electric Lunch Box 12-Volt Portable Stove

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This Lunch Box is very useful for the traveler. By using Gideon heated electric heated lunch box you may save money and time. Because the restaurent food is high price. Not only high price but also health issue is involved here.

It is huge sufficient to preserve a great quantity of the food you intend to consume. This heated electric lunch container additionally has a light-weight design, so that you can easily bring it from area to region. Another superb function is the convenient fold-flat wearing take care of for max portability.

This portable cooker is nicely-designed and safe to use at the same time as driving. The outer casing is crafted from warmth-resistant material, so you and your vehicle are blanketed from burns. Warm up your meals according to your needs.

Reasons To Buy This:
      • Temperature resistant materials
      • leak-proof lunch box
      • Keep food warm for several hours
      • Heat the meals fast
      • Heat resistant casing
      • Lightweight
      • Easy to clean
      • Long power cord
      • Heats up to 300 degrees F
      • Heat-resistant outer material
      • Makes a great gift for a truck driver
      • Very lightweight – only 2.5 pound
      • Works great with aluminum foils
      • Compact and Leak-proof design
      • Not Applicable for the entire family

#3 Crock-Pot SCCPLC200-BK-SHP 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer

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The Crock-Pot Lunch Food Warmer is perfect for Heat leftovers, soups, oatmeal, and an extensive type of favorites to have superb food far from home. Superior portability competencies encompass an outer lid, cool-contact out of doors, smooth-deliver deal with, and included wire garage.

Its 20-ounce potential is best for a personal detail-sized meal. A container is detachable for filling and transporting, casting off the need to an excursion with the whole unit.

There are pretty some individuals who are acquainted with Crock-Pot as a slow cooker logo so it isn’t always sudden that it has a produced a product like this – something that may be used to be able to warm or cook dinner your food so you gets a unique deal with of heat meals all of the time.

Reasons To Buy This:
      • Durable plastic construction
      • Stay cool handles
      • The colorful, semi-gloss finish
      • Removable container with a spill-proof lid and built-in cord storage
      • Dishwasher-safe parts
      • One year limited warranty.
      • Capacity 20 ounce
      • Easy Travel lid for portability
      • Lightweight (1.7 pounds)
      • Does not use microwaves
      • Provide healthy food
      • Allow getting a warm meal every time.
  • Some do not like the available colors.

#2 Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer, Blue

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20-ounce ability Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer is perfect for one individual. This meals hotter has an outer lid, cool-contact outside, manage for smooth bring and wire storage.

This meals warmer is journey pleasant. For added convenience, depart the warming base at your vacation spot and use the removable meals field with a lid to move meals to and from your own home.

The Lunch Crock is also fantastic for use in a dorm room, to warm birthday party dips at any collecting and to re-heat small meals at domestic. You may wash the crock food warmer with soapy water.

Reasons To Buy This:
      • Lunch size Food Warmer
      • You can take 20 ounces of your favorite foods
      • Warming base will warm and heat your favorite foods over time
      • Carrying handle for easy travel
      • Easy-travel lid for portability
      • Power indicator light
      • Removable bowl is made of stainless steel
      • Removable vessel and lid are dishwasher safe
      • Cord storage, Made of metal and plastic
      • Heated food to a safe internal temperature
      • Dishwasher safe lid and metal insert can be removed for easy cleaning
      • Excellent owner’s manual that thoroughly explains product use
      • Customer service was quick to respond offered a replacement slow cooker
      • Inexpensive
      • Can’t cook fresh food, only for re-heating
      • Took nearly two hours to reheat food to safe temperatures

#1 YOHOOLYO NEW Electric Heating lunchbox

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YOHOOLYO NEW Electric Heating lunchbox is made from 304 stainless steel and food graded PP materials. This approach is risk-free and really healthy. This new electric Heating lunchbox is 20% faster in heating as compared to different electric powered Heating lunchboxes at the box. It will heat your meals in 15 to 25 minute. It uniform temperature ensures that your food remains tasty, tender and sparkling even after warming.

Moreover, the chrome steel field is removable, so the cleaning system is easy. Its strength cable is likewise removable to facilitate easy transport of the meal after warming. It has a strength score of 110V.

This electric powered Heating lunchbox has a remarkable design this is ideal for taking food to high school, picnics, and workplace. All you need is an outlet to preserve your lunch heat at work. The 8.7 x 6.7 x 4.3-inch lunchbox has a 1.5-liter ability which holds a lot of food. A plastic spoon is included along with the power cord.

Reasons To Buy This:
      • Portable and convenient
      • Heating time At Summer: 30-40 minutes, Winter: 40-60 minutes
      • Detachable stainless food holder for easier cleaning
      • The built-in stainless still helps in heat retention.
      • Constructed from eco-friendly & nontoxic material
      • Easy to maintain
      • Removable stainless steel container
      • Removable container for easy cleaning
      • Portable and easy to operate
      • It is a leak-proof lunch box
      • Require 20 minutes to warm food
      • Made of durable, heat-resistant materials.
      • You cannot place food with soup in it.

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Electric heated Lunch Box

Before buying an electric lunch box you may consider the following issues

 Hard Or Soft

There are two main styles of lunch boxes available, hard or gentle ones. The tough ones will keep your food better protected and usually have a metal or plastic design that permits them to keep their form. The tender ones will nevertheless have a trendy form and possibly some plastic or metal to hold key regions in area, however be in most cases tender and bendable.


The nice lunch containers for work will constantly have a few sort of insulation. This way, your lunch will live cool at some stage in the work day till lunch arrives. Some lunch packing containers may also even come with a removable ice % so you have one much less thing to shop for.


No count the purpose you are buying a lunch container, the handles are an crucial attention. Unless you could assure that you’ll positioned your lunch field inner your suitcase or paintings bag each single day – and don’t want to carry it to the smash room – you want some thing that is simple to hold.

Built-In Or Included Containers

In addition to thinking about a bento container, you must do not forget whether you need any built-in packing containers on your lunch box. Some will have one or  of these bins constructed in at the same time as bento bins will be completely divided into containers.

Microwave Safe

If you do need a lunch container that has boxes inside, whether or not they’re detachable or connected within the bento field fashion, make sure that they are microwave safe. This feature helps you to without difficulty heat up your lunch at work while not having to waste time transferring it to a plate that you may later must wash.

Size Of Bag

The size of your lunch field is some other very critical consideration. You need to make certain there may be sufficient room in your meals along side an ice p.C. And drink. At the equal time, you don’t want the bag to be too big and take in needless room for your way to paintings, at your desk, or inside the employee fridge

Spill Proof

Pay near attention to whether or not or now not the lunch box you pick is spill evidence, in particular if it’s far in the bento field fashion or has other packing containers.


Color is one of the many factors of the best lunch bins for work that comes right down to private choice. You can find a lunch field in nearly any shade or pattern that you need.

Stain Resistant

If feasible, additionally pick out a lunch field that resists stains. No depend how properly you package deal your food internal, some thing will subsequently leak or spill and that could lead to an ugly stain this is impossible to put off

Ease Of Cleaning

As with some thing that comes in contact with food, you need to make sure that your lunch field is simple to easy. In the case of softer lunch boxes, this means being device washer-friendly even as difficult lunch bins have to be dishwasher secure.


Finally, the best lunch containers for paintings may be durable enough to last a long term. They could be capable of take your lunch to paintings for at the least a yr, preferably longer. You can verify this with a assure or by analyzing critiques.

Types Of Materials Used For Electric Lunch Boxes

There are many one of a kind sorts of substances that are used for lunch bins.  These include:

Neoprene- Neoprene may be very bendy. It will resist oil and grease and is brilliant at standing up to weathering situations.  It can take care of a wide variety of temperatures from -fifty eight ranges  F to 248 stages F.

Fabric- Fabric can also or may not be clean to smooth depending on what sort of cloth is used. Fabric is remarkable for those who need a completely lightweight container to hold round.

Plastic- Plastic may be very easy to easy. Many can have good fortune cleansing their lunch boxes with a humid material and a completely slight purifier.  Plastic stands as much as weathering and is very long lasting.

Lunch boxes may be difficult or tender.  A difficult container could be fashioned with plastic or metal to permit them to keep their shape.  These will guard ingredients higher because it will no longer be clean to smash them as soon as they may be in the container.  Softboxes are frequently bendable, which is superb when you have boxes which might be extraordinary fashioned.

Regardless of the form of material you have decided is the fine to your lunch field, you may need to make certain that each one materials are BPA loose and meals secure.  Most will select a lunch field that is simple to smooth as well seeing that foods and beverages can without difficulty spill.


An electric powered heated lunch field is critical in nowadays’s in our busy way of life. They make meal time on hand while a man or woman is at paintings or at the cross.  They help maintain the charge down as there may be not a need to consume a warm meal at an restaurant or work cafeteria anymore. Busy humans can be capable of maintain a healthful food regimen at the same time as being inexpensive on the same time.

A heat lunch can now be served everywhere using a heated lunch field. Keep in thoughts that,  what are you ingesting. Everybody should change their bad eating addiction and have to try and keep the calorie intake. All those become viable with the assist of the electrical heated lunchbox. Buy one right now from the market to have fresh and warm food every day.

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